If you’re looking for a reputed business school in North India, IIM Lucknow and IIM Rohtak are among your top options. Thanks to their stellar reputation and alluring placement opportunities, both institutes are popular choices among students seeking an MBA course. If you aren’t sure whether to apply to IIM Rohtak admission or if IIM Lucknow is a better choice, read on for a detailed comparison. The following sections will help you weigh your options better. 

IIM Lucknow vs. IIM Rohtak – Which one offers better placement opportunities?

Since the ultimate goal is to build a strong career, let’s get to it right away and evaluate the placement opportunities at either institute. 

  • Average CTC: The average salary packages at IIM Lucknow’s placement drives are almost twice as lucrative as that at IIM Rohtak on average. As of the latest placement drive, i.e., of 2022, their average CTCs are INR 31.03 and INR 16.06 LPA respectively. 
  • Recruiters: IIM Lucknow also attracts almost twice the recruiters as IIM Rohtak – 150 recruiting companies compared to 80. Don’t let this make you assume IIM Rohtak to be a bad choice, though. Top recruiters at IIM Rohtak’s 2022 placement drive include ICICI Bank, OYO, Amazon, HDFC Bank, etc.
  • Internships: Apart from job placements, students from both IIMs can also enjoy excellent internship opportunities. The summer internship placement drive reports of IIM Lucknow and IIM Rohtak have recorded average stipends of INR 1.1 lakhs and INR 65.5K respectively.

Which institute is more affordable to study at?

Now that you have a better understanding of the employment opportunities at the two reputed institutes, let’s find out which one would be more budget-friendly. Although IIM Rohtak is a slightly more affordable option than IIM Lucknow, the difference isn’t much. The MBA fee at IIM Rohtak is INR 19.55 Lakhs, while the course would cost you INR 20.75 Lakhs at IIM Lucknow. Hence, the fees wouldn’t matter a lot when choosing between IIM Rohtak and IIM Lucknow. 

Courses offered at IIM Lucknow and IIM Rohtak

Like the remaining IIMs, the respective MBA programs are the flagship courses at both IIM Rohtak and IIM Lucknow. However, you may also apply to a variety of other programs they offer. Let’s have a quick look at the courses available at either institute for higher studies. 

IIM Lucknow:

  • MBA
  • PGP-SM
  • IPMX 
  • FPM
  • EFPM

You might want to note that the IPMX and PGPWE courses are offered at the Noida campus – not the main campus of IIM Lucknow. 

IIM Rohtak

  • PGPM (MBA)
  • IPM
  • EPGPx
  • IPL
  • FPM PT
  • DPM/ PhD

Endnote – which one is better for you?

If you’d prefer to pursue a course that’s available only in one of the two IIMs in question, it should resolve the debate already. However, assuming that both institutes offer your preferred course, IIM Lucknow seems to be a much better choice. Not only does IIM Lucknow offer much better placement opportunities, but it has also been ranked as the 7th best management institute by NIRF. Still, IIM Rohtak admission is a good option in case it’s more convenient for you.